The 48th Annual ABCR Convention is about to start! Well, OK, Not till Sept 20 (evening)-22, 2018. It will be in the College Station, TX area, home of Texas A&M. And, our convention will be centered on A&M, and the research studies that have come from them.
We will have guest speakers tell us about genetics, research, and results. Dr. Mitch Wilkinson will be our Main Speaker, focusing in on the genetic results from both A&M, and the University of Germany. Both have found curly genes, and the research continues on. Dr. Mitch is SO excited about the newest discoveries, he can hardly wait to reveal what has been done, and what continues to be discovered. (Dr. Gus Cothran may surprise us with a
We also plan on having a speaker talk of variances and dilutions of color genes, so if you are into colors of horses, this would be for you!
We will have our Board Members available to help anyone with registering their Curly horse with ABCR, now that we accept any curly-coated horse. We’ll have applications, instructions, and as much as we can have, there to help and get horses DNA tested and registered. For anyone interested in doing so, we ask they bring 4 pictures (right, left, front, back) and PULLED hair from their horses.
We also plan on having a tour of the A&M Large Animal Hospital. They take care of LARGE animals-elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! And of course, horses, too. They have digital state-of-the-art equipment, and we get our own personal tour. We are hoping for a tour of the genetics lab, as well.
Other activities at the convention will include our banquet and awards ceremony, acknowledging those who
have spent hours and a lot of time riding and promoting the Curly horse. We will have a silent auction, and hope any of you who want, will donate an item for the Silent Auction.
No convention is complete without the meetings to listen to the members. Hear what they want, and feel, are good for the Curly horse. We love our horses, and they are the main reason we are going to gather together.
An added plus ifs that there are a few horse-related businesses out there who have graciously donated some items, and some coupons, and those will be handed out to those who register early for the convention.
The sign-up form is attached, and on the web site. Please note, when you call the hotel to reserve your room, state “ABCR yearly convention” and you will get an awesome price reduction! The hotel (Four Points by Sheraton) is a very nice hotel, and close to Texas A&M.
Learn ‘Howdy, ya’ll’, and come have a great time at the ABCR yearly convention!