The ABCR held their Convention Conference Call on October 7, 2017. After listening to our Members, the Board and The Members who were present on the Call voted on adding a Coat Book to the ABC Registry Books. The Guidelines for this book are as follows;

Coat Book, to include Rescue Curlies
Horse must exhibit a curly coat.
Pictures must be submitted showing curly coat.
Cushing's testing may be required upon request.
DNA testing required for records.
If parentage is found per DNA, horse may be eligible to move
to another book.
Offspring of any horse in this book will remain in this book and
are not eligible to move to any other book. (unless the "registered
horse of another breed" requirement for Outcross book changed,
as those horses are all of known parentage). If at that time this
rule is changed, then curly coated offsring from horses in this book
if bred to a full Curly could technically be moved to Outcross.
Offspring of any horse in this book must exhibit a curly coat.
Straight offspring from any horse in this book are NOT eligible.

To Register in the Coat Book it will be $90.00 (DNA & cross checking the Database) for Members and $140.00 (Membership, DNA & cross checking Database).
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