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     At the 2016 Convention there was discussion about what we could do about keeping track of rescue Curly horses.  The Registry started by offering DNA testing to try and identify parentage and/or relatives of these horses.  If the DNA showed there was Curly heritage, but no identifiable parents, the Registry would present the owner with a Certificate of Acknowledgement of that information.  But we couldn't register these horse.  

     The Board discussed this several times since that Convention and decided to put a vote to the membership about creating a new book so that these horses could be registered.  This book would be for any Curly coated horse with no verifiable registered Curly parents.  These horses and any curly coated offspring would not move out of this book.  

     After discussion, a motion was made to create a Curly Coated Book, it was seconded, and the motion passed.  The current registration process will apply for this book.  


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