Election of Board of Trustees

Every year, there are elections for 3 District Representatives and 1 At-Large Trustee.

Ballots will be sent out to the membership for election unless a candidate runs unopposed.
The Board can nominate a current member in good standing to vacant positions.
Qualified members running for Board of Trustee by District or At-Large position(s) must submit an application to the Registry no later than April 15 of the year in which they are running for the position.

You find details about the election of Board Members in our By-Laws in Article IV and V here.

Elections 2017
District 2 - currently Diane Mitchell
District 4 - currently Angie Gaines
District 8 - currently Caren Schumann

At-Large Trustree - currently Angie Gaines

Election results 2016
The following District Representatives and At-Large Trustee were running unopposed and have been re-elected.

District 3 - Diane Mitchell
District 5 - Carol Baldwin
District 9 - Caren Schumann
At-Large Trustree - Sue Davis

Since all of the candidates were running unopposed, there were no ballots mailed to the members as per our Bylaws.