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P.O. Box 1476 · Florence, Kentucky 41022-1476 · Phone: 859-250-4364 · Fax 775-475-0100

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The office phone has been forwarded to Melinda's home. You can leave a message and she will call you back.  Or you can call the toll free number and Sue will take your call. If you don't receive a returned phone call within a couple of days, please try again.


The new U.S. toll-free number for the Registry office is 1 (877) 324-0956. Outside the U.S., please dial (859) 356-0749. The new fax number is (775)475-0103. Submissions, such as registrations, should be mailed to the office at:


American Bashkir Curly Registry

P.O. Box 1476

Florence, Kentucky

USA 41022-1476


eMail: [email protected]

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