Horse Allergy: Curly Horses Allow Horse Allergic Riders To Ride Again

Below you find an observational Study of Dr. Wolfgang Mitlehner, Germany, ABCR member

A pilot observational case study - Allergy against horses: Are curly horses an alternative for horse-allergic riders?

Below you find the pilot study of Dr. Wolfgang Mitlehner, Germany, ABCR member

Dr. Mitlehner currently continues this studies. The second study will test the hypothesis that regular contact to Curly Horses will induce a immuntolerance to horses.

Wrong parentage

ABCR found due to a check of DNA samples, that about 90 horses have stated a wrong Sire or Dam in their pedigree. This could happen because horses have been registered BEFORE DNA samples were mandatory, and only LATER the samples of the Sire or Dam stated in these registrations have been handed in. The books have been corrected accordingly, and members can have a look in a full searchable pdf-studbook. If you are interested if your horses might be affected, please contact our Registrar, Melinda Martino, or Caren Schumann to get some information. Please also state why you are eligible to receive this information.